2022 progress gave Mercedes confidence for 2023 development

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Mercedes’ Technical Director Mike Elliott says the team’s progress throughout 2022 gave them “confidence with what we were doing for the future”.

Mercedes has been struggling with their car from the beginning of 2022, but by the time the Spanish Grand Prix rolled around, first signs of progress could be seen.

However, after the race Mercedes encountered numerous new issues.

“Because we sort of got through Barcelona, had the sort of the high of Barcelona, a feeling that we’d got good performance,” Elliott said.

“We then saw over the next few races other issues that were coming in the car, issues with the way we were trying to run the car close to the ground.

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“It took us a while to get on top of that, not because we couldn’t understand it, but it actually takes quite a long time to change these cars around that understanding and deliver the performance.”

However, Elliott said that further progress convinced Mercedes that they were going in the right development direction for 2023.

“Each of the packages we brought moved us a small step in the right direction and then another small step in the right direction.

“By Austin, we’d got to a car that, for me, wasn’t beating Red Bull, but at least put us in a sensible position, in a position where we could say that our development had moved us in the right direction, and [given] us some confidence with what we were doing for the future,” the Briton concluded.

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