6 F1 teams reportedly believe FIA’s floor changes are favouring Mercedes

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According to reports six F1 teams are ready to challenge the FIA over proposed floor changes in 2023, and claim Mercedes “found 40% more downforce for next year”.

According to Motorsport.com’s report, Ferrari, Red Bull, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams are ready to challenge the FIA over floor changes they are planning to introduce for 2023.

The report states that the teams believe the FIA is playing into Mercedes’ hands by introducing these changes, both this season and in 2023.

“Following discussions in the Technical Advisory Committe (TAC) after the Austrian GP, the FIA stated that it would mandate a 25mm raising of the floor edges, a raising of the underfloor diffuser throat, more stringent lateral floor deflection tests and the use of a more accurate sensor to measure bouncing,” writes Autosport’s Jonathan Noble.

“Teams are currently awaiting more detailed rule proposals from the FIA on the matter, which should include the specific measuresments and regulations that the governing body wants to put in place for next year.

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“But the series of measures has, however, already drawn a backlash from teams who are unhappy about the extent of the expensive changes – which they feel are unnecessary with the porpoising problem appearing to be more under control in recent races.”

According to the report, one unnamed team principal said:

“The changes are so extreme for 2023 because Mercedes claim that they have found 40% more downforce for next year, so they have urged the FIA to act.

“If Mercedes have genuinely done that, then you may as well hand them the world championship now.”

Throughout this, the FIA is insisting that their actions are taken strictly for safety reasons. It remains to be seen how this situation will develop.

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