A sandstorm predicted to hit the Bahrain Grand Prix

2021 Bahrain Pre-Season Test, Day 1 – Wolfgang Wilhelm

Weather forecasts predict that a sandstorm could hit the Bahrain Grand Prix. However it shouldn’t be bad enough to require the race to be cancelled.

The weather reports say that a north-westerly wind is making things a bit dusty in Bahrain. Dust clouds are expected to hit the Bahrain International Circuit just in time for the Bahrain Grand Prix, which could cause poor visibility.

However, the biggest dust clouds are expected before the start of the race and the conditions should improve by the time the lights go out on the track.

The good news is that the strong winds are also expected to drop the temperatures to 24 degrees celsius, so drivers might have a bit of a cooler race, which is not usually the case in Bahrain.

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A sandstorm also hit the circuit on Day 1 of pre-season testing, which made the afternoon session more difficult for drivers.

“I’ve never seen a sandstorm come through here before in all the years that I’ve driven at this circuit,” Lewis Hamilton said at the time.

“The sand was moving like rain would move. Having sand on the tyres isn’t good for their longevity and getting consistency on long runs is difficult.”

Hopefully today the conditions won’t be as bad, and we will be able to see a spectacular race.

Source: racingnews365.com

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