Abu Dhabi findings are being presented to the F1 Commission today

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The findings of the FIA’s inquiry into the controversial finish of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are being presented today at the F1 Commission meeting in London.

The F1 Commission, consisting of F1 teams, the FIA and F1 management is meeting in London today, and one of the items on the agenda is the FIA’s inquiry into the controversial ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

During the meeting the FIA is expected to present its findings and recommend certain changes it believes need to be made. One of these changes is the race-management structure, as Sky Sports’ Craig Slater reports.

“Certain new ways of operating seem to be emerging,” Slater said.

“The duties currently assigned to the race director will likely be shared between two individuals.

“There may still be a race director but he or she will be better supported and perhaps rotated in that role.”

Also, it is expected that the teams will not be able to petition the race director during races, as they did throughout 2021.

“I understand in terms of the rules there is an acceptance that what the race director does – and this is key – must be predictable,” Slater continued.

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“That’s to say the race director will follow clearly set out protocols rather than exercise personal judgement calls.

“Is that an admission Masi exercised too much leeway during those infamous final laps in the season closer?”

The future of Michael Masi could also be discussed, as many believe his position as race director is untenable. In addition, Sky Sports reports that several F1 teams have “expressed a lack of confidence” in Masi’s ability to continue to perform his duties.

It has also been noted by Sky Sports and by BBC that Lewis Hamilton’s future in Formula 1 still depends on the results of the inquiry.

It is unknown whether details of today’s meeting will be made public, as the discussed changes will be made official only after the World Motor Sport Council meeting on March 18.

We will keep you up to date with any information we receive on this developing situation.

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