Adrian Newey implies he will join another team after “a bit of a holiday”

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While some are saying Adrian Newey could retire from Formula 1 after he leaves Red Bull in early 2025, he says he’ll “probably go again”.

While many are wondering which team Adrian Newey will decide to join after he leaves Red Bull in early 2025, some are suggesting that he might actually leave Formula 1 altogether.

Well, according to Newey himself, that’s unlikely to happen.

“If you asked me 15 years ago, at the age of 65 would I seriously be considering changing teams, going somewhere else and doing another four or five years, I would have said: ‘You’re absolutely mad,'” the legendary designer said in an interview with his friend and manager Eddie Jordan for Oyster Yachts.

“A few things happened at once. My dad, who was a vet, he was a huge car enthusiast and he used to tinker around with cars and play with them. That’s where things rubbed off on me.

“He wanted to retire when he was 60 and he semi-retired at 62, moved up with my mum to Yorkshire then fully retired at 65.

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“He lost his way a bit in retirement. He lost his mojo and a combination of that and two of the people I respect the most, Bernie Ecclestone and Roger Penske, I asked them both ‘what’s your secret’.

“They are phenomenally mentally and physically agile. They both said: ‘The brain is like a muscle, it needs exercise.’

“I’ve wanted to work in motor racing as a designer since I was the age of eight or 10. I’ve been lucky enough to fulfil that ambition, to have got that first job and be in motor racing ever since.

“Every day has just been a bonus. I just love what I do. I’ll have a bit of a holiday.

“As Forrest Gump said at the end of his long run: ‘I feel a bit tired at the moment but at some point I’ll probably go again,'” Newey concluded.

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