Adrian Newey speaks on future: “It is very kind for Lewis to say that”

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Adrian Newey gives his first comments on what led to his Red Bull exit and what his future plans are. The Briton also says he’s “very flattered” by Lewis Hamilton’s words.

On Wednesday, Red Bull announced that Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey will leave the team in early 2025, after 19 years.

Since the announcement came out everybody is speculating on what his next move will be, with the majority believing he will join Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari.

When Lewis was asked about the possibility of Newey coming to Ferrari, he was full of praise for the legendary designer and said he would love it “very much”. He also said working with Newey “would be a privilege”.

When asked about Lewis’ comments, Adrian Newey said he was “flattered”.

“Honestly, it is very kind for Lewis to say that, I am very flattered,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“But at the moment, I am just going to take a little bit of a break, and see what happens next.

“Formula 1 is all-consuming. I’ve been at it for a long time now and 2021 was a really busy year, with the title fight with Mercedes, and at the same time, all the research and development into the RB18 – which is the father of this generation of car.

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“There comes a point I think, where I just felt, as Forrest Gump said: ‘I’m just feeling a little bit tired.'”

Newey also dismissed the speculation that the controversy surrounding Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, and the subsequent internal struggle within the team, had anything to do with his decision to leave.

“I’ve been [considering it] for a while now if I am honest, I guess over the winter a little bit, and then as events have unfolded this year.

“I am in a very lucky position where I don’t need to work to live. I work because I enjoy it, and it is a good time to step back and take a bit of a break, take stock of life and go travelling.

“Mandy, my wife and the dogs will probably go travelling in a motorhome or something down through France and just enjoy life.

“And then maybe at some point, I might be standing in the shower, and say: ‘Right, this is going to be the next adventure’.

“Right now, there is no plan,” the Briton concluded.

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