Adrian Newey’s manager Eddie Jordan comments on his future

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In Red Bull’s press release announcing Adrian Newey’s exit from the team, Newey thanked his manager Eddie Jordan. Here’s what Jordan had to say about Newey’s future.

Today, Red Bull officially announced that Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey would leave the team in early 2025.

It has come out since then that Newey will not have to serve a one-year ‘gardening leave’ and will be able to join a different team as soon as he finishes up with Red Bull.

In the Austrian team’s press release announcing Newey’s depature, Newey thanked his manager Eddie Jordan, who was obviously instrumental in negotiating his early release from his contract under very favourable terms.

The big discussion now is where the legendary designer will choose to go next, with teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin and McLaren being named as his most likely destinations.

Interestingly, in a recent episode of ‘Formula for Success’ podcast, Jordan discussed Newey’s future and mentioned another possibility – taking time off from Formula 1.

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“Remember that he’s been in Red Bull under constant pressure,” Jordan said.

“So if he’s going to take time out and just cruise for a while, then everyone would understand that, and I think that’s probably more likely to [happen] rather than diving into any other possible employment career [options].”

Jordan went on to say Newey is at a point in his life now, where retirement from Formula 1 is also a very appealing option.

“Things have slightly changed, he’s got a bit older. This is a great team, he’s had great drivers, he’s got great personnel there.

“He probably should and would look to the future for a change of life,” the Irishman concluded.

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