Alonso on Hamilton to Ferrari: “It was not his childhood dream 12 months ago”

Source: Mercedes F1 Twitter

Fernando Alonso gives his comments on Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari, and says “maybe Lewis can bring that extra to fight for the championship”.

At Aston Martin’s 2024 car launch, Fernando Alonso was asked to comment on Lewis Hamilton’s shock 2025 move to Ferrari.

“I didn’t spend too much time [thinking about it],” the Spaniard said.

“I was training actually that day. I missed all the stress from everybody. So, I was just one day late on the news.”

Alonso added the move did surprise him.

“[It] probably was a surprise, I will not lie. But not because the change itself. It was just because, from the outside, it seemed like he was very linked with Mercedes and very loyal to them and things like that. It was a little bit unexpected.

“I don’t know the reasons behind; I don’t know anything. I don’t know the story. I didn’t pay too much attention.”

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The Spanish driver also commented on Lewis’ statement that “driving in Ferrari red” is a fulfilment of his “childhood dream”.

“It was not his childhood dream 12 months ago, no? Or two months ago, I guess. It was a different dream,” Alonso said.

“I hope he enjoys the experience. I think it’s a very special team. But it’s more special when you win…

“It’s few years already [since] they have a very fast car and they were fighting for big things. Maybe Lewis can bring that extra to fight for the championship because the car is there.

“At the end of last year, even with a very dominant Red Bull car, Ferrari [was] still able to match the lap time and to be faster than them in most of the qualifying.

“So, I think the car should be fast enough,” he concluded.

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