Alonso says DAS sends a ‘message’ to Mercedes’ competition

By courtesy of Pirelli

Fernando Alonso says he believes Mercedes’ DAS system won’t be “a big factor” when it comes to lap time, but does send a powerful message.

Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso was asked by Sky Sports to give his thoughts on Mercedes’ innovative Dual Axis Steering system, introduced to the world on day two of the first pre-season test.

“Only they know for sure what it is doing with the car and what the benefits are from it,” said Alonso.

“But I don’t think it’s a big factor. It is not like the DRS or the F-duct with which you win half a second, six tenths or four tenths.”

“I think it’s just a way to fine-tune. It’s more that they demonstrate their potential with this.

“They show everyone that they can be at the top of their lives and that they are not relaxed even though they are world champion.

“That is probably the biggest message they send with this DAS system.”

However Dr. Helmut Marko, the advisor to one of Mercedes’ competitors – Red Bull, says he believes the DAS system does give an advantage to the German team.

“The gap with Mercedes is around two tenths,” said Marko to Auto Bild.

“They get that time because they have no understeer in corners as they use DAS.”

Alonso was also asked if he thought Lewis Hamilton would win his seventh championship in 2020.

“I think so. Looking at the test it seems that Mercedes is still quite competitive and they show again enormous potential on the development side and on the progress from one year to the next.

“Formula 1 is impossible to predict because many things happen in the season, but as a starting point I think they are the favourites.

“When you have Lewis in the car and Mercedes with the potential that they have, they have to be No 1 favourite,” concluded the Spaniard.

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