Angela Cullen gives advice on mental health and mindset

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After Lewis Hamilton revealed his mental health struggles, his physiotherapist and assistant Angela Cullen came out with some advice to help your mindset.

In a recent interview Lewis Hamilton revealed he has “struggled mentally and emotionally for a long time”.

Lewis’ physiotherapist and assistant Angela Cullen often gives lifestyle and health advice on her Instagram account, and in her new post she talks about mental health and mindset.

“Your mindset is like a muscle,” Cullen wrote.

“You must train it every day to keep it healthy and strong and reduce the risks of injury but when injured, it too can heal.

“My mindset training always starts with a gratitude practice, followed by movement. As Rich Roll [vegan ultra-endurance athlete] always says: mood follows behaviour.

“So jump to doing something positive as soon as you start your day to heighten your mood and set that positive mindset to a place that is rosy and ready to take on the day.”

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Angela talked about a similar subject in a different post a few weeks earlier.

“My top two life lessons: Your Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset. For me every day is a blessing. I’m grateful for a healthy body and healthy mind. But it takes hard work.

“I have built daily routines around exercise and nutrition, rest and recovery to ensure I replenish my energy supplies to be able to perform at my best.

“Your Comfort Zone Is your enemy, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. To achieve your biggest goals step so far outside your comfort zone you forget how to get back,” Angela concluded.

To find out more about Angela and how she started working with Lewis, you can read our in-depth profile on her. You can also read a collection of fun facts about her and take a look at a few official Mercedes images featuring Angela.

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