Angela Cullen reveals “the most exciting parts” of her race weekend

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Lewis Hamilton’s right-hand woman Angela Cullen explains why her “hands are shaking” while helping Lewis prepare for the race.

On her Instagram Angela Cullen posted a photo of her and Lewis Hamilton on race day, and described the whole experience from her perspective.

“This picture captures one of the most exciting parts of my weekend,” Cullen wrote.

“It’s race day and we are on the grid. The atmosphere here is crazy, with our headphones on we are in our own world, listening to the instructions of the team around timings and car setup.

“This moment is intense, I’m always so nervous my hands are literally shaking, I’m clipping in his ear pieces and radio to his suit loom that will connect to the radio in the car.

“This I do every time he gets in the car, so that is at least 5x every race weekend, but on the grid my hands are shaking so much this task is always so much more difficult.

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“After it is clipped in, one of the mechanics will double check to ensure it is locked and ready for the race. Radio communication is critical for communication with the team during the race.

“Once in the car I always take a moment to breathe and look around and enjoy the energy of the grid, the other cars and teams, the mechanics and engineers and the fans in the stands.

“It’s incredibly humbling to be standing there and I always have a realization of how incredibly blessed I am to be part of this amazing team and this crazy circus of F1,” concluded the New Zealander.

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