Aston Martin’s 2024 car reveals Mercedes’ “critical new direction”

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Since Aston Martin is Mercedes’ customer team for its gearbox and rear suspension, their 2024 car reveals Mercedes’ “critical new direction” for the W15.

Aston Martin revealed their 2024 challenger today, and the car offers a big hint on Mercedes’ “critical new direction”, as has put it.

As Mercedes’ customer team for its gearbox and rear suspension, Aston Martin has to take the same layout as the German team, and at the launch of the AMR24 it was revealed that this layout has been changed in 2024.

More specifically, images of Aston Martin’s new car reveal a switch to a push-rod rear suspension, which is more in line with what Red Bull has been doing.

“We’ve inherited new suspension from Mercedes,” revealed Aston Martin’s Technical Director Dan Fallows.

“They give us the gearbox and the structure of the rear suspension, so that has changed slightly from last year as well.

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“So, there’s a change on the rear, but on the front it’s very similar,” he concluded.

A change has been also been confirmed by Williams, Mercedes’ other customer team.

“In terms of the rear suspension, there’s bits that we’re happy to talk about,” Williams’ team boss James Vowles said at the team’s 2024 car launch.

“But I’m going to save it for Bahrain, because there’s some interesting things to talk about where we’ve gone on rear suspension,” he concluded.

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