Bottas on what he learned while being Hamilton’s teammate

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Valtteri Bottas says it was “quite tricky to go up against Lewis”, but it allowed him to ‘learn a lot’ about himself and find out “what works” for him.

Valtteri Bottas has been Lewis Hamilton’s teammate for five years, and in that time he says he learned a lot.

“I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself,” the Finn said.

“I’ve learned how this sport is so much more mental. If you really compare if it’s a physical or mental sport, I feel like it’s so much about the head.

“Definitely, I’ve learned just to accept mistakes and learn from the mistakes. That learning part and being able to learn to be honest to myself, that’s one big thing.”

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Valtteri did not get to fulfil his dream of becoming the Formula 1 champion during this time, but he appreciates the lessons he has learned along the way.

“There was always a risk for me to try too hard. Not allowing myself enough time to get to the point where I wanted to be, so just allowing myself to accept that it’s quite tricky to go up against Lewis and I can’t always beat him.

“That’s just a fact because of his consistency, his talent and the work he puts in. I also know I can do it, just not maybe beating myself up too much when that doesn’t happen. That’s been quite a big thing.

“I just learned what works for me, in terms of the mindset going to the races, and what to do between them,” Bottas concluded.

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