Bottas says a “computer” would sometimes dismiss him and Hamilton

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Valtteri Bottas explains how him and Lewis Hamilton would sometimes suggest set-up changes, but would be told: “No, the computer says this”.

It’s no secret that modern Formula 1 is very much dependant on computers when it comes to simulations, data analysis, strategy and set-up work.

Valtteri Bottas reveals how his and Lewis Hamilton’s set-up suggestions were sometimes dismissed because of what the computer ‘said’.

“It is just how a top team works,” the Finn explained.

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“I feel like Lewis felt the same as well. He sometimes wanted to go in his direction but the engineers would be like ‘No, the computer says this’.

“So it was sometimes a bit of a battle but it is good to discuss those things and it’s just the way it is.

“They have pretty advanced technology and simulation tools that allow it and quite often the computer was right but not 100 per cent,” Bottas concluded.

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