Bottas says passing Max Verstappen was ‘easier than he thought’

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At the Styrian Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas made a great move on Max Verstappen and managed to get ahead of him in the final stages of the race.

The Finn admits he expected the fight with Verstappen to be much harder than in actually ended up being.

“He’s always going make it hard, there’s no doubt about that,” said Bottas.

“I did enjoy it the first time around. I thought I had it. But yeah, he definitely tried to do everything he could to stay ahead.

“So he was on outside in Turn 3, which I kind of didn’t expect. So that’s why, second time around, I tried to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. It was good.

“We were going through Turns 5 and 6 side by side. But I realised in Turn 6 by the first time around, there’s not going to be a space anymore for two cars. So I decided to back off and try again.

“But yes, as you said, I did have momentum, I had tyre advantage. So in the end it was actually easier than what I thought it could be, if I would think about that situation 10 to 15 laps earlier.

“I thought it was going to be close and tricky, but in the end I think his tyres fell off.”

Bottas was the last of the frontrunners to change his tyres, extending his opening sting on softs, before switching to mediums at the halfway point of the race.

“I was not too worried about the tyres because we did a pretty long stint with the soft, the soft was holding on well, so I had really no big doubts about the medium.

“But of course didn’t want to go crazy with the back markers. I think I was a bit unlucky as well that there was some guys racing properly in front of me sometimes, more than one lap. And it really cost me quite a few seconds.

“So it was not as smooth as I wanted in terms of how to clear them. But then I saw and felt immediately once I got into clean air that everything is still pretty good. Tyre temperatures feel fine and I felt the pace was there.

“It was about calculating how much I want to push, do I want to catch him very quick, or do I want to catch him progressively and try to be fast at the end of my stint?

“I think that worked pretty well in the end,” concluded the Finn.


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