Brawn says 2021 battle could impact Mercedes and Red Bull in 2022

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Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn says the intensity of the 2021 title battle could negatively impact Mercedes and Red Bull in 2022.

When the 2022 season starts in March, the fans can expect a radically different Formula 1 than they are used to seeing.

Not only will the cars look totally different, but the new F1 regulations might also put the two 2021 title protagonists at a disadvantage when the lights go green in Bahrain.

“They could be impacted,” Ross Brawn said in a media briefing.

“I suspect both of them were very sensible in balancing their approach between ’21 and ’22.

“Some of the cost spend can be allocated from one year to the next, so some of the tooling and things you’re doing for ’22 which may be made in ’21 can be transferred.

“So there are various things that help in that respect but it’s also your people and the fact you’ve got your human resource devoted to fighting a very intense world championship. Some of the teams further back haven’t had that consideration.

“I know there was a bit of a battle between McLaren and Ferrari but if I’d been Ferrari and McLaren, very early in the year I’d have been putting everything I could into ’22.”

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Brawn compared it to 2009 when his own team BrawnGP managed to get ahead of McLaren and Ferrari, after their intense 2008 battle.

“In 2008, there was a big battle between two of the big teams and they rather fell flat on their faces when they got to 2009.

“I don’t think it will be that severe [this year]. I’m not predicting that but it is a very good point.

“And this is what’s going to happen going forward because you are going to have to balance your financial resource in each season against the following season.”

The Briton also believes the budget cap will help level the playing field.

“You won’t be able to throw money at it anymore. That was something teams with deep pockets, or no limits to their pockets, could do, just keep throwing money at the challenge, and they can’t do that anymore.

“It’s an important aspect for the future, and it’s great, we like that, that no-one can just flood the project with resource and have parallel projects running, that they’ve got to juggle it all.

“I think that will bring a much more competitive field for the future,” Brawn concluded.

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