Brazilian MPs want Nelson Piquet charged, could face jail time

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Three Brazilian MPs have accused Nelson Piquet of committing a racial crime, by using a racial slur against Lewis Hamilton, on at least two occasions.

In a video which surfaced last week, three-time Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet could be heard using a racial slur against Lewis Hamilton during a 2021 interview.

Later in the week another video came out, again from 2021, in which Piquet again used a racial slur against Hamilton, but this time he also used homophobic language.

This caused three members of the Brazilian Parliament – Aurea Carolina, Taliria Petrone and Vivi Reis – to call for legal charges to be brought against Piquet.

“Racism, which structures our society, needs to be fought everywhere,” said Petrone

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“Treating black human beings in a clearly pejorative way, as Mr Nelson Piquet does, goes against practices for implementing equality,” the MPs added.

Lawyer Renan Gandolfi later told local reporters that Piquet could face a criminal investigation, which could lead to a sentence of up to three years in prison plus a fine.

It remains to be seen if prosecutors will act on these calls. Since Lewis has been made a honorary citizen of Brazil, this case would technically involve two Brazilians.

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