Brundle says Mangnussen cost Hamilton “a chance of a spectacular result”

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Former F1 driver Martin Brundle praises Lewis Hamilton’s performance at the Spanish Grand Prix, and says Max Verstappen raced more “clean” with George Russell than with Lewis last year.

In his latest Sky Sports column, Martin Brundle took a look at Lewis Hamilton’s fantastic comeback drive at the Spanish Grand Prix.

“Lewis’ contact with Kevin Magnussen on the opening lap surely cost him a chance of a spectacular result,” the Briton wrote.

“He was 50 seconds behind the leader on lap two and 54 seconds at the end despite backing off by four seconds on the final tour.

“Lewis’s radio call-in after falling to the back of the field with a puncture, basically wanting to stop and ‘save the power unit mileage’, was alarming in that it gave us the true picture of how little he’s been enjoying this season.

“Presumably 65 laps later he was somewhat more satisfied after showing great pace. The fans know their stuff as usual in voting him driver of the day.”

Brundle also praised George Russell for his brilliant battles with obviously faster Red Bulls.

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“It was fascinating to witness his first proper wheel-to-wheel battle with Russell who was defending robustly but fairly, and very well.

“I happened across the race stewards on Sunday evening and they were of the same opinion that George was pushing the boundaries but not breaking the rules.

“And his run back past Max between the very short turns one and two will be played out for a good while.

“Once again Max was very clean and fair in this enduring battle, more so than when he was against Hamilton last year, which is more fitting of a champion.

“But of course the championship is not up for grabs yet,” Brundle concluded.

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