Brundle says Mercedes is “confusing for everyone at the moment”

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Former F1 driver Martin Brundle says “there does appear to be a good car under that shrink-wrapped bodywork” of the Mercedes W13.

In his Sky Sports column, Martin Brundle talked about the Canadian Grand Prix, and said Mercedes’ performance right now is confusing everybody.

“The Mercedes team are so confusing for everyone at the moment, including themselves,” Brundle wrote.

“On Friday Lewis declared the car was undriveable, which is indeed exactly how it looked, and in a Sky F1 interview he strongly intimated that it was now about making the best of a bad job for the rest of the long season.

“Team boss Toto Wolff said similar things to me in an interview having described the car as a ‘s***box’ just a week earlier.”

Brundle also hailed George Russell’s courage when he decided to switch to slick tyres in his final flying qualifying run, despite the track being still very wet.

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“George Russell took a very bold gamble on slicks at the end of the final wet but drying qualifying session, which I suspect he wouldn’t do again.

“I admire his confidence but two or three parts of the track were still ten minutes away from being ready.”

The Briton then praised Mercedes’ race pace.

“Then in the race both Mercs were flying along almost on the leading pace.

“To be realistic, if Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez had had normal qualifying and race performances, and had we not had two virtual and then one actual safety car, it would likely have been a solid fifth and sixth for the Merc boys.

“However, once again there does appear to be a good car under that shrink-wrapped bodywork, and they fancy their chances at Silverstone which is next up,” Brundle concluded.

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