Brundle says Red Bull should follow Mercedes regarding the budget cap

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Former F1 driver Martin Brundle says “the corporate governance of Mercedes-Benz” does not allow its staff to breach the budget cap.

Since the FIA announced that Red Bull has breached the 2021 budget cap, the F1 media has been in full speculation mode on the details of the breach and its implications for the future of Formula 1.

On Sky Sports’ Any Driven Monday show, Martin Brundle said that a breach such as this could not happen at Mercedes.

“[Red Bull’s estimated overspend] could be a new front wing or a floor or something like that,” the Briton said.

“All of the teams, somehow or other, will be making the absolute most of their interpretation of these regulations.

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“Also, the corporate governance of Mercedes-Benz, for example, means that they can’t be seen to breach something like this.

“That needs to be the same for all teams. I’d like to think, and I understand it to be the case, that someone like Toto [Wolff] has to sign a document to comply with these.

“Christian Horner at Red Bull, all the key personnel and financial personnel should be personally locked into this.

“That’s a critical area, so that they’re responsible and accountable, as well as their company, in being transparent and honest with these numbers,” Brundle concluded.

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