Brundle suspects FIA and Red Bull are “squabbling” over cost cap breach

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Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle says “presumably there’s some squabbling going on” regarding Red Bull’s cost cap breach, to “mitigate this and explain and come up with some reasoning”.

On October 10 the FIA announced that Red Bull was in ‘minor’ breach of the 2021 budget cap. Unfortunately this was the only information that was released.

What remains unknown is by how much the cap was breached, what were the exact issues that led to the breach, and most importantly what kind of penalty will be handed out.

Red Bull immediately released a statement maintaining that they do not consider themselves to be in breach, and implying that legal action could be taken.

While many F1 personalities have already given their opinion on the situation, official F1 and FIA personnel have remained silent.

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Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle thinks this is “thoroughly disappointing”.

“It’s very disappointing that this information wasn’t supplied,” the Briton said.

“Remember, we’re talking about the 2021 season, not this season. So quite why they haven’t been able to get together now that they now the details – presumably there’s some squabbling going on behind the scenes to mitigate this and explain and come up with some reasoning.

“It’s thoroughly disappointing that we’ve now had this announcement of what has happened, but we don’t know the consequences,” Brundle concluded.

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