CAROL’S CORNER: Who will be Sir Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate?

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By Carol M. Creasey

Last week Sir Lewis Hamilton signed his new contract with Mercedes to keep him driving at least until the end of 2023.

Toto Wolff expressed his delight and said he would not want anyone else in the car. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali also spoke about how good it is for Formula One that the current GOAT wants to continue.

Sir Lewis himself has stated that the close battle with Red Bull, that he enjoyed at the beginning of the season, has re-invigorated his love of racing. However, since then Red Bull have stepped further forward and became the dominant car, so it’s not looking like a close battle right now.

Ever since last year, when he covered for Sir Lewis during his bout with COVID-19, the Press have been trying to put George Russell in the second Mercedes, and there are reasons for and against this happening. First of all George is young and impetuous, which he has proven recently when he crashed into Valtteri Bottas. This destroyed Bottas’ car, which couple with the cost cap, might now be preventing Mercedes from producing too many upgrades.

On the other hand, if Russell was in the same team as Sir Lewis, he would have the opportunity to learn from the best driver in Formula One, which would prepare him for when the seven-time champion eventually retires.

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But what about Valtteri Bottas? He is a solid and dependable driver, with several years of experience with Mercedes, and he has proven last week that when accidents happen to Sir Lewis, he can step up and get the points. He is also a good team-mate, him and Sir Lewis blend together well, which is really important. There are no issues between them, and he doesn’t play mind games in an attempt to derail his team-mate. Most important of all, he doesn’t resort to dirty tactics to win.

Sir Lewis has always stated he will race against anyone, and I am sure he fears no-one, which he proved in his debut year when he raced against the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, and finished the season tied with him for second place. He has said he doesn’t mind which driver will be his team mate, and he can see both sides of the argument. Valtteri he knows, and is used to, and George would be a new and exciting prospect, which he also relishes.

The press have always tried to make it seem like he doesn’t want anyone too competitive, but his fans know differently, Sir Lewis thrives on competition, this is why he is the best driver in the world. I don’t envy Toto Wolff with the decision he has to make, but I do know that whoever ends up sitting beside Sir Lewis can feel very proud, as he will be able to drive alongside one of the greatest of all time. Right now he is fighting Red Bull with a lesser car, but that won’t dampen his or the team’s spirit, despite the fact that Mercedes have already set their sights on next year. All things considered, It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens!

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