Chris Medland: “Now is not the time for the FIA to be silent”

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F1 journalist Chris Medland says “the FIA is on the back foot and needs to regain some semblance of trust from many quarters”.

The pressure on the FIA to come up with answers regarding the controversial ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is mounting.

Recent reports from several reputable news sources like Sky, BBC and more have pointed at the FIA’s seeming inaction regarding their promised review of the decisions made in Abu Dhabi.

Right after the reports started coming out it has been revealed that the FIA has started the review process on Monday with results expected by February 3.

In his new column for, reputable F1 journalist Chris Medland pointed out the controversy cannot be swept under the rug.

“Usually by this stage, all of the interest and attention would be on what is to come rather than what happened a month ago, because in the social media-led world of instant gratification and up-to-the-second information, what comes next tends to be far more attractive than what has gone before,” Medland wrote.

“But that’s not the case with F1 right now, especially where the FIA is concerned. And that’s because there is still a very large number of people – ranging from fans to team members – who are really keen to see just what the FIA will conclude from its “detailed analysis” of the final laps in Abu Dhabi.

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“It’s not a stewards’ review that could lead to some sort of change of the race outcome, but what so many people want to understand is just how and why the decisions that were taken at the final race were taken, an admission that errors were made – but again, an explanation as to how – and clear steps to prevent any similar situation happening in future.

“Conclusions alone will not be enough. As Toto Wolff made abundantly clear in December, part of Mercedes’ decision to drop its appeal into the outcome of the race came with the caveat that action would be taken.”

Medland added it is in the FIA’s best interest not to remain silent about the issue.

“There is so much focus on what happened in Abu Dhabi, so much riding on the FIA’s credibility and F1’s reputation, that it is surprising nothing about the process has been said for the best part of a month, even taking the time of year into account.

“The FIA is on the back foot and needs to regain some semblance of trust from many quarters, and it will only do that by being as open and honest as possible.

“Now is not the time for it to be silent,” concluded Medland.

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