Christian Horner diminishes Red Bull, while trying to diminish Lewis Hamilton

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In a baffling statement, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner tries to prove Max Verstappen is better than Lewis Hamilton, by diminishing Red Bull.

After Lewis Hamilton broke the record for most race wins, most pole positions and equalled the record for most Formula 1 championships, many are trying to diminish his astonishing accomplishments by saying his success is largely down to a superior car.

The newest person in a long line of Hamilton’s detractors is Red Bull’s Christian Horner. When asked by Dutch website who he thinks is the best driver on the grid, Horner picked Max Verstappen. As proof of Verstappen being better than Hamilton, he pointed out the fact that George Russell, who replaced the seven-time champion at the Sakhir Grand Prix, was in contention to win the race in a Mercedes.

“I think [Max Verstappen] is the best, and George Russell’s performance at Mercedes confirmed that for me,” Horner said.

“Max and Lewis stand out for me, but while we should definitely not be blind to what Hamilton has achieved, he does have a good package at his disposal.

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“That, while Max has to get more out of his car. At Mercedes, a Williams driver can qualify himself directly on the front row and Russell almost won the race.

“However, if at Red Bull someone has to get into Verstappen’s car, for example if Max had corona, then nobody will reach his level,” concluded the Briton.

So, let’s get this straight… Not even taking into account the possibility that Russell is actually an exceptional driver (which we think he is), Horner is saying that Mercedes’ car is so good that (in his own mind) a ‘lesser’ driver can match Lewis’ performance. On the other hand, the same cannot happen at Red Bull, where no driver can match Max Verstappen.

He might be onto something there, as both Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon struggled to match Verstappen’s pace, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what he would like it to mean. If Lewis Hamilton’s car is so good that ‘anyone’ can get to the top in it, while at Red Bull only a driver with years of experience with their cars can get the best out of it, doesn’t that actually mean that Red Bull is unable to build a good car that is not a struggle to drive?

Yup, we’d say that’s just what Horner said, and it seems he is awfully proud of his team’s inability to build a car that is comparable to a Mercedes. Perhaps in the future, while trying to please Dutch fans, he might want to choose his arguments more carefully 🙂 .

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