Christian Horner on why he expects Mercedes to join the title fight

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Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has said on multiple occasions he expects Mercedes to join the title fight this year. Now he explains why.

Mercedes has been having a very hard time in the first five races of the 2022 season. Their cars are experiencing heavy porpoising, and there are even questions on whether their whole concept is wrong.

In a talk with The Atlantic, Red Bull boss Christian Horner gave his comments on Mercedes’ issues.

“[Mercedes’ problems] demonstrate nothing is certain,” the Briton told The Athletic.

“They talked quite a bit last year of moving quite early on to [development for] this year’s car.

“Obviously, they’ve experienced some problems, and they’re obviously nowhere near where they would want to be at this point in time.”

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Horner then explained why he is sure Mercedes will resolve their problems sooner rather than later.

“They’ve got some very bright people there. I’m sure they’ll work it out. The question is: how long will it take?

“They will come back on song at some point. There are too many smart people there not to work it out. So at some point, I expect them to be a factor.

“It’s such a long season, and things can change very quickly,” he concluded.

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