Christian Horner says rival teams owe Red Bull an apology

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Christian Horner says “the reputational damage” that has been made by rival team’s cost cap breach allegations against Red Bull, “has been significant”.

Despite Red Bull’s claims that they did not breach the 2021 budget cap, they ultimately agreed to an ‘Accepted Breach Agreement’, which essentially means they admit their blame.

Asked whether he feels the team should apologize for breaching the cap, Horner said Red Bull is actually owed an apology from rival teams.

“To be honest with you, I think we’re probably due an apology from some of our rivals for some of the claims they have made,” the Briton said at Red Bull’s press conference.

“We make no apology for the way that we’ve performed, the way that we’ve acted.

“We do take on the chin that there are lessons to be learned and potentially mistakes have been made in our submission, which with the benefit of hindsight.

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“With 20:20 vision, everybody can be a specialist, but there was no intent. There was nothing dishonest and there was certainly no cheating involved, which has been alleged in certain areas.

“So I don’t feel like we need to apologize. I feel like there are lessons that have been learned — everybody can learn from this.

“We’ve taken a very public pounding through the accusations that have been made by other teams, we’ve had our drivers booed at circuits, and the reputational damage that has been made by allegations has been significant.

“The time is now for that to stop and to move on,” Horner concluded.

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