Coulthard says Hamilton and Russell cannot be compared right now

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Former F1 driver David Coulthard says we won’t know how George Russell compares to Lewis Hamilton “until they have a winning car again”.

There has been a lot of talk about George Russell outperforming Lewis Hamilton in the first part of the 2022 season, at least when it comes to results.

Of course, realistically it is impossible to give a verdict at this point, as there are other circumstances that have to be taken into account when making the comparison, such as Lewis’ dedication to running experimental parts and set-ups in an effort to improve the car, as well as a run of bad luck with strategy and safety cars.

Well, David Coulthard also thinks a realistic comparison cannot be made right now.

“I think George is a future world champion,” Coulthard said.

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“I think he’s a fantastic driver, and I think he’s earned that place in the team.

“But we won’t truly know how he compares to Lewis until they have a winning car again, because right now, this is the best car that George has ever driven, relative to where the fastest car is, and this is not the best car that Lewis has driven.

“It’s two different mindsets, two different phases of their careers. And that’s why right now you go ‘Oh, George’s outperforming Lewis’.

“Well, let’s wait and see when they qualify first and second in whatever order it happens to be just how the running order is then,” the Briton concluded.

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