Damon Hill on the US GP: “I think Lewis is going to win”

© LAT Photographic for Williams F1

On the F1 Nation podcast 1996 Formula 1 champion Damon Hill was asked to give his prediction on who will win the 2021 United States Grand Prix.

The Briton was clear that he believes Lewis Hamilton will come out on top, however, he acknowledges that it’s going to be a closely fought battle.

“I think Lewis is going to win,” the Briton said.

“But that would also just bring him back perhaps into touch and there’ll be nothing between them in points.

“In fact, Max could come out of this one point in the lead if Lewis wins in the States, so how finely balanced is that?

“It depends so much on whether Red Bull can find a little bit more. I just think Lewis, after Turkey, they [Mercedes] showed they had a bit in hand, a bit to help them along the way.

“But, things happen, and we are not sure what will take place.”

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Hill believes it will continue to be a closely fought battle for the remainder of the championship.

“Everything is now on a very fine balancing tip, but one false move and you could lose the World Championship game.

“You cannot afford to drop 25 points anywhere, and there’s the chance that it could happen it’s so easy.

“I’m going to Mexico, I’m hoping that they’re going to be almost level pegging. And then nothing happens in Brazil, and then I see them back in Qatar.

“I’m gonna be watching every step of the way, whatever happens,” concluded the Briton.

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