Danica Patrick supports Hamilton on jewellery ban: “It is nonsensical”

Source: Pirelli’s Twitter

Former IndyCar and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick says the FIA’s jewellery ban is “stupid” and says she wore earrings he entire career and “no one ever said a word”.

Danica Patrick has joined the debate over the FIA’s jewellery ban, that many believe is targeting Lewis Hamilton specifically.

The former IndyCar and NASCAR driver said she finds the whole issue “stupid”.

“This is so stupid, who care?” Patrick asked.

“I wore earrings my entire career, the entire career. No one ever said a word. It is up to you what your threshold is for danger.

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“The rules for Formula 1 are not the rules for other series so just because it is something about setting an example doesn’t mean they are going to change the rules necessarily in some other series.

“I think Formula 1 and tongue piercings in the same sentence is not something I thought would happen.”

“I think it is nonsensical, it doesn’t matter and it is at your own risk,” Patrick concluded.

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