David Coulthard asks why Lewis Hamilton hasn’t been knighted?

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Former McLaren Mercedes driver David Coulthard asks if Lewis Hamilton has “done something that means it is not acceptable under the current regulations to knight him”?

With Hamilton becoming the most successful driver in Formula 1 history according to race wins, many people in Great Britan are again asking why hasn’t he received a knighthood yet.

David Coulthard was asked by BBC Radio 5 Live if he believes Lewis should be knighted.

“100 per cent,” said the Scot.

“I don’t understand why we are so many world championships into his career, he is a global ambassador for Britain. We race a true world championship.

“I have fun with American friends, you know, they have the World Series in baseball and they don’t leave the Americas.

“We have a true world championship in Formula 1, we have Lewis there, proudly holding a Union Jack above his head everywhere and every time he has the opportunity to do so. Does anyone know a reason why [he has not been knighted]?

“Has he done something that means it is not acceptable under the current regulations to knight him? Because I think he deserves it more than some others.”

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Coulthard went on to talk about Lewis Hamilton’s future and his work ethic.

“I have been trying to chip away at Toto [Wolff], Lewis, Anthony [Hamilton, Lewis’ father] to try and get an indication as to whether he is getting tired.

“Is he starting to think beyond the sport? None of them seem to give any indication that he is anything other than focused on the future, and I find that remarkable. He is not new to the sport.

“I am not putting myself at all in the same class as Lewis but I know how much energy it took for me to get to whatever level was my best achievement and it was exhausting.

“That is what, in the end, made me want to stop. Not the love of driving but just, I was tired.

“It is remarkable how he manages himself to just turn up, deliver at that level, be in the public eye constantly, to be criticised as well by some who won’t accept how good he is or question the way he lives or the movements he campaigns for.

“And somehow, he still manages to come back refreshed and do it all again, so I think he is around for the next few years, and assuming the car continues to perform, he will continue to deliver,” concluded Coulthard.

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