David Coulthard thinks Vettel “could be disruptive” to Mercedes

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Former McLaren Mercedes driver David Coulthard says Mercedes would be making a mistake if they hired Sebastian Vettel for 2021.

Coulthard joined McLaren in 1996 in the team’s second year of partnership with Mercedes. The Scott brought Mercedes its first win in Formula 1 since returning as an engine supplier in the opening round of the 1997 season. He continued to drive for McLaren Mercedes until 2004 and secured a career best second place in the 2001 Drivers’ Championship.

The Daily Mail asked Coulthard about the possibility of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel joining Mercedes in 2021.

“I think that would be a mistake for Mercedes,” said the Scott.

“In Lewis [Hamilton], they’ve got someone who can win Grands Prix and Championships. To bring Seb in there because you think that that will raise Lewis’ game… it’s very difficult.

“If you look at these exceptional performances in sport, serial winners, I don’t think he needs the friction of a four-time world champion to get the best out of him. I think Vettel could be disruptive to the team.

“I think that if he offered his services for no money then of course the Mercedes board would have to look at it seriously, to have a German driver in the team, but I just can’t imagine he would, so the pairing of Valtteri and Lewis seems like the most efficient way to win another Championship.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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