David Croft says “there’s a shadow hanging over” Red Bull’s title wins

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Sky Sports’ David Croft says the cost cap breach had to benefit Red Bull “because they were the only team that spent more than the cost cap allowed”.

After it was announced by the FIA that Red Bull has been found to be in breach of the 2021 budget cap, the Austrian team did everything to convince everyone that their overspend did not bring them any advantage.

However, Sky Sports’ commentator David Croft does not buy that explanation, and says that the cost cap breach casts a shadow over Red Bull’s championship title wins.

“There’s a shadow hanging over it,” Croft said on Sky Sports’ 2022 season review.

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“It is a shame [for Verstappen] because it’s not Max’s fault that the team have gone out and overspent by £432k. I take the point completely that the Verstappen camp are not hugely happy about that.

“And however Red Bull say there was no benefit, there has to be a benefit because they were the only team that spent more than the cost cap allowed.

“So within that regard, there has to be a benefit in some way, shape or form from that overspend,” the Briton concluded.

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