David Tremayne: “For me, their collision was a racing incident”

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Hall of Fame F1 Journalist David Tremayne gave his comments on the Hamilton/Verstappen’s rivalry, and said he believes their collision was a racing incident.

Another respectable Formula 1 personality chimed in with his thoughts on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s rivalry.

After their collision at the British Grand Prix, tensions are at an all-time high, and Tremayne thinks it will only get worse.

“Lewis and Max have had several skirmishes, the most recent at the start in Imola when they touched and Lewis came off worse,” Tremayne wrote in his Formula1.com column.

“But by and large they have managed to maintain a clearly respectful relationship. Sadly, I doubt that will continue – at least for a while – after Sunday’s incident.

“I wasn’t surprised that things finally reached this point between them. It’s inevitable that when you get two such talented drivers they will always give their all.

“In the past Lewis has perhaps been in a better position as far as machinery is concerned to cede ground when Max has been at his aggressive best.

“But this year he is the one on his back foot in a championship fight in which the Red Bull is clearly the superior weapon.

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“Who will honestly say that they did not enjoy those eight corners of the British GP, when Lewis was at his assertive best? Isn’t that exactly what we have all been waiting to see for years?”

Tremayne then gave his opinion on who was to blame for the collision. It turns out he is another one of many Formula 1 personalities who believe it was a racing incident.

“For me, their collision was a racing incident with degrees of blame on both sides, and I was interested to see later how Charles reacted as Lewis dived up the inside of him in the same corner.

“I regret the rift between F1’s two best drivers, but expect it to widen from now on, likewise that between Red Bull and Mercedes.

“The gloves really have come off and each team will be redoubling their efforts. That will add an edge to the title fight that we haven’t seen in many years, putting both drivers on their mettle to give of their best, while leaving just sufficient margin to avoid a repeat of what was a horribly fast accident at Copse.

“Prepare, sadly, for more acrimony, but also a lot more edge-of-the-seat jousting,” concluded the Hall of Fame journalist.

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