Davidson says title battle will change Hamilton / Russell relationship

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Mercedes’ simulator driver Anthony Davidson says Lewis Hamilton and George Russell‘s relationship will “clearly” change once the team start fighting for the world title.

On Sky Sports’ F1 podcast, Mercedes’ simulator driver Anthony Davidson explained that the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell would definitely change if they both had a shot at fighting for the title.

“I think it clearly would [change],” Davidson said.

“It becomes much more personal and much more competitive when you are fighting for a championship, rather than the positions they were in the Japanese GP.

“Yes, you always want to beat your teammate. But you have more of a valid reason to fight team orders when you are going for a championship.

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“We’ve seen it with the Ferrari drivers and the McLaren drivers this season, where things get a bit too close for comfort and the team have to step in and say ‘think about who you are driving for here and what the ultimate goal is’.

“Well, when you are fighting for a world championship yourself, that’s your goal. So it’s a real catch-22. Are you doing it for yourself or the team?

“When you are not fighting for a world championship yourself then you sort of slip back into a more ‘yeah, let’s do this together, work together for the greater good’,” the Briton concluded.

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