Did Max Verstappen enter the Copse corner too fast?

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Auto, Motor und Sport reports that Mercedes presented evidence that Max Verstappen entered the Copse corner 1km/h faster than his best qualifying lap.

Yesterday the FIA dismissed Red Bull’s request for a review of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s collision at the British Grand Prix, and Lewis’ subsequent penalty, due to the Austrian team not being able to present any “significant and relevant” new evidence.

Although Lewis’ original penalty stands, many are saying that the collision was a classic example of a racing incident. However, there are those that believe the collision was actually Max’s fault.

Well, now Auto, Motor und Sport reports that Mercedes brought some evidence of their own to the hearing, namely some GPS data that shows Max entered the Copse corner 1 km per hour faster than he did in his best lap in qualifying.

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According to the report, Mercedes said that it seems Verstappen entered the corner ‘as if Hamilton was not there’. If true this would imply that Max threw safety out the window in a desperate attempt to prevent Lewis from overtaking him.

While we can’t confirm these reports as being true, it would bring an interesting spin to the whole story.

However, Mercedes has no intentions to take the whole situation any further, so hopefully with yesterday’s verdict, the who issue will be put to bed.

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