Domenicali: “I don’t even really need to mention the power of Lewis Hamilton”

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Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali talks about attracting a new audience and mentions how important Lewis Hamilton is for the series.

Formula 1 is trying many different things to modernise itself and attract a new audience. One of those efforts is F1’ partnership with Netflix for their documentary series “Drive to Survive”.

Although the series has been criticised for using a certain amount of creative freedom when presenting on-track and off-track situations, it has succeeded in attracting a new younger audience.

Stefano Domenicali was asked by GQ magazine if the was “comfortable with the Netflix Drive To Survive narrative”?

“It’s absolutely spot on when it comes to attracting a new audience,” said the Italian.

“Is it real or is it fake? Look, if I gave you a commentary on the picture on the wall opposite me, it would have one story. If I asked one of my colleagues to comment on it, it could have a different angle.

“There are different points of view and of course certain things are being pushed in a way that’s more like a movie than sport. But if we keep talking in a language some people don’t understand, they don’t watch it.

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Domenicali then said drivers’ personalities are one of the main points that engage audiences. As the biggest example of this he mentioned Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton.

“F1 isn’t just technology, it’s also about personalities,” explained Domenicali

“The effect that Max Verstappen has, for example. The Dutch GP at Zandvoort is sold out for the next three years. Lando Norris… And I don’t even really need to mention the power of Lewis Hamilton.

“Netflix has attracted a whole new audience, attracted by a different sort of narrative. You can ask them how many cylinders are in the engine and they might say, “What is a cylinder?”

“But it’s a great opportunity to show that we’re opening the whole thing up,” concluded F1’s CEO.

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