Eddie Jordan reveals how Horner reacted to his role in Newey’s exit

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Adrian Newey’s manager Eddie Jordan reveals how Christian Horner reacted when he learned of Jordan’s involvement in Newey’s Red Bull exit.

The F1 world was shocked when it was announced that Adrian Newey will be leaving Red Bull in early 2025.

However, everybody was also very surprised when in his statement Newey thanked his friend and manager, former F1 boss Eddie Jordan.

Up until that point, nobody knew that Jordan was managing the legendary designer, and now Jordan reveals on his own podcast how Red Bull team boss Christian Horner reacted when he found out.

“Christian, do you know what he called me? Do you know what he called me when he found this [out]?” Jordan asked his co-host former F1 driver David Coulthard.

“First of all, his jaw was somewhere around near the end of his trousers. You know, it’s quite a big jaw in the first place, but he called me: ‘Ah, EJ, you’re a fucking silent assassin.’

“So I don’t know what a silent assassin is. Maybe you could tell us, DC [David Coulthard], what is that?”

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To this, Coulthard responded:

“Well, you’d rather be a silent assassin than somebody hearing you coming. No-one saw that coming at all. Nobody knew you were managing Adrian.”

Jordan then explained what in his opinion makes Newey so special.

“I say to him: ‘Adrian, when you have a pencil in your hand and you are looking at a drawing board, there is nobody your equal. Take the pencil out and you become just the same as the rest of us.’

“I’m serious, he’s a normal guy. But inside that brain there is something really smart going out. He consistently gets it right.

“He’s a genius when it comes to evaluating how to take advantage of the rules, how to get the best out of them, how to make sure the team and the car maximises every avenue,” the Irishman concluded.

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