Edward Norton: “You are a class act, Lewis Hamilton”

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Famous actor Edward Norton took to social media to express his appreciation of “greatest of all time and still grounded” Lewis Hamilton.

Since last week there has been a tremendous amount of negative comments aimed at Lewis Hamilton from some of the older generation of Formula 1 personalities.

First three-time champion Sir Jackie Stewart said he believes it’s time for Lewis to retire, and then Nelson Piquet’s racist words aimed at Hamilton came out.

Lastly, former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone came out with a bewildering defence of Piquet, and basically said Lewis should just be happy with the Brazilian’s half baked “apology”.

The positive is that many other current and former F1 personalities, as well as other prominent people across the world, have come out to express support for Lewis and all that he has accomplished.

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One of those people is famous actor Edward Norton, who expressed his support for Lewis on his social media channels, following the British Grand Prix.

“You are a class act, Lewis Hamilton,” Norton wrote.

“Greatest of all time and still grounded, freely generous of spirit to competitors & peers, focused on the joy, taking the high road when others go low.

“Every parent can simply say ‘Look at Lewis Hamilton, that’s the way to be’.

“Mad respect 2 U,” concluded the actor.

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