Esteban Ocon says Lewis Hamilton was “a good teacher”

© Wolfgang Wilhelm for Daimler AG

Mercedes junior and former reserve driver Esteban Ocon says Lewis Hamilton gave him “good advice”, while he was with the team.

Ocon, a member of the Mercedes junior driver programme, will be returning to active Formula 1 racing this season with Renault. However he says the time spent around six-time champion Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes will benefit him in the future.

“I had good chats with Lewis, who gave me good advice not really on the sports side but more the managing side,” said Ocon.

“He gave me good words and gave me directions of where to go. He was amongst a lot of people also a good teacher in all those parts.”

Ocon was especially impressed by the Briton’s time management skills and active lifestyle.

“How he uses his time is very impressive. The way he works with his engineers and the life he has.

“All around he has a very busy life but when he does something, it’s 100%. Forget the rest. He does his things, he does it well, very precisely. But once he’s done it. Boom! He doesn’t lose time. He does something else.”

The French driver also appreciates the “education” he received while working at Mercedes.

“I came out of there a lot stronger than I was, with a lot more knowledge on the technical side but also on the other aspects like the organisation and the way they see things in different conditions. The way they just behave in any situation.

“I had an eye on all of that,” concluded Ocon.


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