F1, the FIA and all 10 teams agree to postpone 2021 rule changes

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Formula 1, the FIA and all 10 teams have agreed to delay the introduction of the 2021 technical regulations until 2022.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to most sporting events in the world and Formula 1 is no exception. While F1 officials were trying to figure out how to proceed with the 2020 season, the teams were pushing to keep the 2020 regulations for another year, before a major rules overhaul gets implemented in 2022.

The teams also proposed to “freeze” the development of key components including chassis, gearbox and other mechanical parts until 2021. Under this proposal, only aerodynamics development was to be allowed between the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Ferrari was the only team that reportedly asked for more time to consider the implications of such a proposal. It was later reported that Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto implied his team would be ready to accept it.

“Ferrari is ready to take responsibility for a choice that must be made in the interest of this sport,” said the Italian.

“It is certainly not the time for selfishness and tactics.”

Ultimately all parties involved decided to accept the proposal.

“All parties further discussed the current situation of the 2020 championship and how the sport will react to the ongoing challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said a statement from the FIA.

“Due to the currently volatile financial situation this has created, it has been agreed that teams will use their 2020 chassis for 2021, with the potential freezing of further components to be discussed in due course.

“The introduction and implementation of the financial regulations will go ahead as planned in 2021, and discussions remain ongoing between the FIA, Formula 1 and all teams regarding further ways to make significant cost savings.

“All teams expressed their support for the FIA and Formula 1 in their ongoing efforts to restructure the 2020 calendar as the global situation regarding COVID-19 develops.

“All of these commitments will be referred to the relevant governing structures for final ratification.”

The introduction of a budget cap in 2021 will likely help even the playing field as teams will develop their 2022 cars under new regulations.

Source: formula1.com

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