Ferrari blasts Mercedes saying they should ‘lose with dignity’

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Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has taken a shot at Mercedes for their alleged lobbying for rule changes for 2023, saying they should lose with “dignity”.

The FIA is set to introduce its ‘anti-porpoising’ directive at the Belgian Grand Prix. The TD is aimed at reducing the porpoising phenomenon, on safety grounds, but it will also put a stop to illegal ‘flexi-floors’ that some teams have been using.

It is rumoured that those teams are Red Bull and Ferrari, among others. Furthermore, the FIA plans on tweaking the 2023 rules for the same reason, which reportedly caused six teams to threaten legal action.

Red Bull has been very vocal with their accusations against Mercedes, saying that the German team has been lobbying the FIA to make the changes, because it would help their performance.

Now, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has joined the chorus, blasting Mercedes for not losing with “dignity”.

“We will assert our reasons [against rule changes], we will oppose any exploitation,” Binotto said.

“For years, Ferrari had an engine deficit against Mercedes, but we did not ask for any favours or shortcuts. We lost with dignity, working in silence to recover.

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“Our opponents should also behave like this, don’t you think?” the Italian concluded.

Red Bull team boss Helmut Marko also alleged that the changes are being made to benefit Mercedes.

“Exactly! But that is out of the question,” the Austrian told OE24.

“The teams that voted for it are McLaren, Aston Martin and Mercedes. Strangely enough, they are all teams with Mercedes engines. Is that a coincidence?

“The decisions are still a long way off. We have to come up with valid arguments. Just emphasising safety is not enough.

“Ferrari won’t accept that either,” Marko concluded.

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