FIA explains why Hamilton was not penalized over Sprint Race collision

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Fernando Alonso accused the FIA of not penalizing Lewis Hamilton for his involvement in the Miami Grand Prix Sprint Race collision because “he’s not Spanish”. The FIA explains why no penalty was warranted.

At the beginning of the Miami Grand Prix Sprint Race, there was a big Turn 1 clash between Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Lance Stroll and Lando Norris, which resulted in a DNF for Norris.

The stewards did not investigate the incident, but after the race Alonso blamed Hamilton and said he won’t get penalized because “he’s not Spanish”.

The Spaniard obviously referred to the penalty he received in China, that Aston Martin lodged an appeal against.

However, the stewards’ verdict explains that Hamilton was not the one who started the collision, and while he was one of the participants, nobody was “wholly or predominantly to blame”.

“The Stewards reviewed positioning/marshalling system data, video and in-car video evidence and determined that Cars 14, 18, 44 and 4 [Alonso, Stroll, Hamilton and Norris] collided when they were navigating Turn 1 of Lap 1,” the verdict reads.

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“The collision resulted in damage to Car 14, 18 [Alonso and Stroll] and caused Car 4 [Norris] to retire.

“From the video evidence, it appeared that there were at least three collisions that occurred – the first between Cars 14 & 18 and then between Car 44 [Hamilton] and Car 14 and finally between Car 18 and Car 4.

“While it appeared to us that the incidents began with Cars 14 & 18, the sudden and fast arrival of Car 44 contributed to the various collisions.

“However, we were not able to identify one or more drivers wholly or predominantly to blame for the various collisions or any one of them.

“Also keeping in mind that this was in Turn 1 of Lap 1 where greater latitude is given to drivers for incidents, we took no further action,” the verdict concludes.

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