For Mercedes “race performance wins” over qualifying pace

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Mercedes’ Technical Director Mike Elliott says the team could take steps “to improve the qualifying performance”, but it would “hurt the race performance”.

In Mercedes’ Canadian Grand Prix debrief video, Mike Elliott talked about the trade-off the team makes between race and qualifying performance.

“I think it is fair to say that you are always trading between qualifying and race performance,” the Briton explained.

“And if you look at what’s important, then generally race performance wins.

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“You can see if you look at some of the cars we are competing against, some of the cars that beat us in qualifying this weekend, you will see that their race pace was poorer, and I think that is just the trade you make, rather than something that there is to underlyingly fix.

“We know we can probably take steps to improve the qualifying performance, but we will probably hurt the race performance as a result of that.

“And we think we’ve got our balance roughly in the right place for the car we’ve got at the moment,” Elliott concluded.

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