Formula 1 teams want Red Bull’s penalty to “go well beyond a fine”

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Sky Sports’ Craig Slater reports that certain F1 teams said the punishment for Red Bull’s cost cap breach need to make sure “the advantage gained is removed”.

The Formula 1 world is eagerly awaiting more details on Red Bull’s 2021 cost cap breach and subsequent penalty, but the FIA is yet to release any information.

In the meantime many F1 personalities have expressed their opinion on the situation, and some of them have been very open about what they expect the FIA to do, including McLaren CEO Zak Brown who sent a letter to FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem demanding harsh penalties for budget cap breaches.

Sky Sports’ Craig Slater reports that another high-ranking official from a cost cap compliant team said punishment for Red Bull needs to be serious.

“We tend to agree that teams can gain a significant advantage by not adhering to the cap,” the official is reported as saying.

“The punishment must be such that the advantage gained is removed and then some in order to disincentivize future breaches,” he concluded.

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Slater said one more team boss said punishment will have to go “beyond a fine”.

“The FIA should be left the freedom to do its own investigation and come up with the appropriate penalty, it should not be a case of teams pushing for this or that outcome,” the team boss is reported as saying.

“It is obvious to us that a penalty will need to go well beyond a fine, or else teams will just game the system and consider the fine as cost of business.

“But it is for the FIA to find their solution, aware of the fact that failure to do so will mean the end of the budget cap,” the team principal concluded.

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