From the frozen wastelands of Finland – it’s Valtteri Bottas 3.0!

© Daimler AG

In a funny video posted on social media, Mercedes presented a new and improved Valtteri Bottas 3.0 – now with enhanced beard!

Following a disappointing 2018 season where Valtteri Bottas failed to win a single race, the Finn returned in 2019 with a new attitude and determination. He immediately dominated and won the Australian Grand Prix, prompting the media to call him Valtteri Bottas 2.0.

Now Mercedes decided to have some fun with the moniker, dubbing the Finn – Valtteri Bottas 3.0. You can watch the video below.

On a more serious note, Bottas also got praise from the 1997 Formula 1 champion Jacques Villeneuve, who says the Finn pushed Lewis Hamilton to be better than ever before.

“In previous years, Lewis would be out of shape in two or three races, but in 2019 he raised the bar very high,” said the Canadian.

“Part of that is that Bottas was more aggressive and did not let him relax. He proved that he is a very fast driver, but getting ahead of Hamilton is not easy.

“Many people think Bottas does not deserve his place at Mercedes because he is behind Lewis, but he could be ahead of many other drivers.

“Lewis is one of the great drivers,” concluded Villeneuve.

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