Full transcript of the fierce Wolff / Horner / Binotto 2022 confrontation

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Here is a full transcript of the heated argument between Toto Wolff, Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto over solutions to ‘porpoising’.

Season 3 of Netflix’s docuseries ‘Drive to Survive’ has an entire episode dedicated to Mercedes’ struggle with porpoising.

What’s even more interesting, the episode titled “Bounce Back” shows the infamous meeting held between team bosses, the FIA and Liberty Media, regarding solutions to porpoising.

After the meeting Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff publicly called out certain ‘pitiful’ team bosses, saying they were being two-faced and only looking to preserve their “competitive advantage”.

Afterwards, reports started coming out saying that the discussion got very heated, especially between Wolff, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner and Ferrari team boss (at the time) Mattia Binotto.

Parts of this altercation will finally be shown in the aforementioned episode, and here is the transcript:

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Wolff: “I hear lots of chit-chat talking about porpoising. It’s like Chinese whispers through the press, some emails being sent. I can tell you, all of you are playing a dangerous game. If a car ends in the wall, because it’s too stiff or it’s bottoming out, you are in the s**t, and I am going to come after you.“

Horner: “Are we playing to the cameras here? I think this is probably better off-camera.”

Wolff: “No, I don’t care. If you think this is a little game on performance, I’ll tell you, you are very, very wrong.”

Binotto: “No, Toto, safety is a matter of team responsibility, braking system, suspension…”

Wolff: “Each of you has found something to limit the problem, congratulations!”

Horner: “Well change your car. You’ve got a problem. Change your *f*****g car.”

Wolff then told Horner to change his car “because Checo [Sergio Perez] has been saying the car is f****d”.

Eventually F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali stepped in and said the FIA will discuss the issue “in the proper way”.

Afterwards, Horner commented on the altercation to Netflix.

“He got himself pretty wound up,” he said.

“It’s a horrible feeling to suddenly only be a part of the scenery, and not competing. And that takes an adjustment. It can cause self-doubt, and emotions that haven’t been prevalent.

“You start to see cracks,” Horner concluded.

Binotto also gave his comments.

“Maybe he was under pressure for their performance at the time,” the Italian said.

“Maybe he was under pressure because he promised something to someone, I don’t know,” he concluded.

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