George Russell explains “how much work” Lewis Hamilton puts in

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Mercedes’ junior driver George Russell says Lewis Hamilton is “one of the most hardworking drivers” he’s ever seen.

Williams’ George Russell has been a part of Mercedes’ junior driver programme since 2017 and as such he often had the opportunity to see Lewis Hamilton doing his thing up close and personal.

“Probably the biggest thing is seeing how much hard work Lewis puts into it,” said Russell.

“He’s sort of perceived to be this guy who just rocks up to the track, gets in the car and goes fastest. But he puts so much effort in – one of the most hardworking drivers I’ve ever come across.

“I’ve noticed there are so many small details he does on-track that all add up to why he’s so quick, and how he goes about really trying to get the most from the car, the tyres and everything.

“That really struck me – he doesn’t just rely on his talent,” concluded the Briton.

Source: F1 Racing

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