George Russell: “I want to become world champion”

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A very giggly George Russell says he expects Mercedes to make a decision on who Lewis Hamilton’s 2022 team-mate will be “over the summer break”.

It’s no secret that George Russell is one of the candidates for Mercedes’ 2022 seat, so at the Hungarian Grand Prix Thursday press conference he was asked how he feels about the whole situation.

“Business as usual to be honest,” the young Briton said.

“Very relaxed about everything. What will be will be, one way or another and everything, in the long run, has a way of working out for the best.

“Every single situation I try to take in my stride. I never believe in good luck or bad, you get what you deserve and get out of life what you put into it. My aspirations and goals are clear.

“I want to become world champion and I want to find myself in the car that will give me the best opportunity to achieve that.”

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Asked when he expects Mercedes to make the decision, he said it would happen over the summer break.

“There will be a decision made over the summer break. Whether there will be anything announced with regards to my future, that is another topic.

“These things are never an easy process for any driver or any team, regardless if you are changing team or staying with the same team, it is always a lengthy process.

“I am confident there will be a decision made in the summer but when that will be announced, who knows.

“All I am focused on is going out and having fun this weekend and trying to score some points,” concluded Russell.

It’s interesting that during media interviews at the Hungaroring, whenever George was asked about his future with Mercedes, he was very giggly, and noticeably so. This might not mean anything, but it was interesting to see.

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