George Russell on Mercedes reverting to their Barcelona test chassis


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George Russell gives his comments on the speculation that Mercedes could revert to their original Barcelona test chassis, which featured more conventional sidepods.

Mercedes has been struggling with their car since the 2022 Bahrain pre-season test, with most of their troubles thought to be brought on by porpoising.

However, before Mercedes introduced their ‘zero sidepod’ car design at the Bahrain test, they used a more conventional design during the first 2022 on-track session in Barcelona.

Considering that they topped that test, some have suggested that they should revert to their original more conventional chassis.

George Russell, however says the team has to be careful not to do “anything crazy”, because if they do “anything too drastic”, they could go “backwards and not forwards”.

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“We’ve got to go about the process analytically,” the Briton said.

“We can’t do anything crazy. We know we want results and we want performance but if we do anything too drastic, we’re going to go backwards and not forwards.

“We’ve got to trust our team, trust the process and just recognise that it’s going to take time. But we know there is so much potential in the car.

“We’re a bit overweight, lacking a bit of downforce and we know why, it’s because of porpoising.

“If we can get on top of those two things, there is a lot of lap time there but our rivals are going to be improving as well,” Russell concluded.

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