George Russell on whether Nelson Piquet’s paddock ban is enough

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George Russell comments on Nelson Piquet’s racial slur aimed at Lewis Hamilton, and says he doesn’t think “anything is really enough” when it comes to fighting racism.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Grand Prix Drivers’ Association director George Russell was asked to give his comments on three-time Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet using a racial slur when talking about Lewis Hamilton.

“It is clear we all need to do more to stamp out all of the racism that is going around, not just in the motorsport world but society,” the Briton said.

“And it goes further than just this as well. The social abuse people receive online, it is great to see people come together and put forward their views and stand in support.

“We all have a duty to do more. It is just shocking to see in today’s day and age that we are still continuing with this.”

The word going around is that Piquet has received a paddock ban because of his words, and Russell was asked if he thought it was enough of a ‘punishment’.

“I don’t think anything is really enough,” Russell said.

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“I haven’t seen the statement from F1 itself so I can’t comment solely on that but I heard earlier that it has been two years since the first race in 2020 where we all took a knee in Austria.

“When the decision came when we stopped, a lot of people argued why are we stopping this, because it hasn’t been that racism has been solved and there is still racist abuse going around.”

The Briton also referenced Red Bull’s reserve driver Juri Vips, whose contract was terminated this week, because he made racist comments on a livestream.

“There is a huge amount going around and this week has been shocking to see from two different ends of the spectrum – from somebody who… I won’t say is stuck in his ways, but from an older generation and then from a youngster.

“We all need to do more,” Russell concluded.

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